Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

When properly installed, spray foam insulation is a cost-effective and sustainable solution for new construction and existing homes in Northern Virginia. In addition, it offers a long list of benefits including energy savings, sound proofing, pest control and health protection. Compared to traditional blankets and board materials like fiberglass and vermiculite, it is also an environmentally friendly option that does not off-gas or harbor rodents.

Attic insulation is essential to maintain a comfortable home, especially in Northern Virginia where temperatures vary dramatically between seasons. Uninsulated attics can result in higher energy bills and a drafty feel throughout the home. Spray foam insulation is the most effective attic insulation material available, filling all nooks and crannies for a tighter seal to reduce air leakage and prevent heat loss.

The benefits of installing spray foam in your Nashua home or business include:

It reduces mold growth by acting as a moisture barrier. It also provides a solid structure to help resist damage from water and other weather conditions. Spray foam insulation is more resistant to fire than traditional cellulose and fiberglass insulation, providing added safety for your family or employees.

Spray foam insulation in the attic will stop 70% of the energy lost from escaping through the roof, which can save you up to $500 annually in your heating and cooling costs. In addition, spray foam insulation provides a more comfortable environment and can increase your property value. In many cases, you may qualify for a tax rebate or incentive to install this energy-efficient insulation.

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