Hire Karaoke Machines For Your Next Party

About Hire Karaoke Machines

Add a little singing and dancing to your next event and get guests of all ages involved in the entertainment. Karaoke is a great way to break the ice and encourage shy people to loosen up and show off their vocal skills. It also offers a unique and fun twist to traditional party entertainment and is well suited to all kinds of events including birthday parties, weddings and corporate functions.

The most basic Karaoke Party Hire rental packages include just the player and a library of songs but many offer a range of options to make your next event extra special. Some karaoke rental companies also have other equipment like props, projectors and stage lights that can liven up a performance. Many also offer the option to have a karaoke jockey if you want someone to handle request slips, build a playlist and keep the show running smoothly.

Sing, Dance, Repeat: Tips for Hiring the Perfect Karaoke Machine

Some of the most popular karaoke rentals include the all-in-one jukebox systems that come in a box and are easy to set up and use. These are perfect for small venues or parties and often include a stand to hold the machine and extra speakers if you need them. They can be a little more expensive than other karaoke rental options but are still an affordable way to add some entertaining karaoke to your event.

Depending on the package you choose some karaoke rental providers will charge an additional fee to deliver their equipment and pick it up after the event. Check with each pro to see what their policies are. Some providers may have a flat rate for delivery and collection while others charge a per-mile fee.