Hood Cleaning Service For Restaurants

Whether you have a statement hood cover or a simple metal vent mounted under a cabinet, your kitchen hood needs to be cleaned regularly. Keeping your hood clean will prevent germs, bacteria and fire hazards. If you have trouble knowing how to do this, consider hiring a professional hood cleaning service. They will clean the hood, scrub down any greasy surfaces, replace filters and clean the ductwork. They will also test the exhaust system to ensure it is working properly. When they finish, they will wipe down the entire system and put a new inspection sticker on each hood, noting when it was last cleaned and when the next cleaning is due.

Does kitchen exhaust remove smell?

Hood cleaning service companies use commercial grade hot water power washers and de-greasers to remove grease from all surfaces of the kitchen exhaust system. This includes the hoods, ductwork, blowers and fans. They may also need to get on the roof to clean certain aspects of the ductwork.

In addition to removing grease from the system, cleaning the hoods and ductwork will prevent odors in the restaurant. It will also help with energy costs because a dirty exhaust system uses more energy to run than one that is clean.

Most important of all, a hood cleaning service will keep your restaurant safe from fire hazards. Built up grease is a fire hazard that can spread quickly and cause significant damage. A professional hood cleaning company will make sure your kitchen is properly cleaned, and that you comply with all safety codes.