How to Shop For Custom Pop Up Tents

Custom pop up tents are becoming a favored option for businesses at trade shows and events. They are easy to set up and allow for seamless brand integration, making them an excellent way to enhance booth visibility and increase brand recognition.

When shopping for a custom pop up tents, consider how you will be using it and its features to help narrow down your options. For example, if you are planning on using it for outdoor markets and festivals, you should look for models with removable sidewalls that can provide more ventilation on hot days. If you are planning to use it for camping or other outdoor activities, you should look for models with bug-proof mesh panels.

The price of a custom pop up tent can vary significantly, with the lowest priced frames being made from steel and the most expensive ones made from aluminum. The frame design, quality of materials, and labor all impact the cost. For example, some manufacturers import the frame from overseas and then print the canopy tops in-house, which results in cheaper prices but also lower-quality frames and materials.

Custom Inflatable Tents: Unique and Functional

Other factors that influence the price of a custom tent include the material used for the canopy, the size, and any add-ons or accessories. For example, Lush Banners uses a high-quality 600D weatherproof oxford fabric and expertly sews it together to create the canopy top and walls. This fabric is UV / Water Proof and Flame Retardant, so the tent will last longer than others on the market.