Tennis Court Maintenance Basics

Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis Court Maintenance your court in good condition is very important to the enjoyment of your players. There are some very basic maintenance routines that will greatly extend the life of your surface and keep it in good playing condition for years to come.


It is important that your court be watered regularly, as needed to keep the soil around it moist. This will prevent sand from washing away, as well as help the surface of your court stay firm and playable. Most clay courts require watering twice a day, once in the morning and once during the evening.

Standing Water

It’s very important to remove any standing water as soon as possible after rain events. Puddles left for too long soften and damage the coatings on your court. They also provide a breeding ground for mildew and fungus. Using a rubber-bladed or roller-type squeegee is best for this.

Inspect Drainage

It is very important that your court has adequate drainage. This will prevent water accumulation on the court surface which can cause damage and create unsafe playing conditions. Inspect your court drainage system regularly to ensure it is working properly. Remove debris and other materials that could clog or slow the flow of water to the drainage system.

Sweep and Brush