The Agency of Visible Women

Agency of Visible Women

The Agency of Visible Women is an art collective of over twenty-five women, based at the artist studios of the Old Waterworks in Southend on Sea, England. The group has recently undergone a transformation from a fictional institution to a real-life, multi-pronged enterprise. As the name suggests, the organization offers exhibitions, skills sharing, and other projects designed to showcase women in business and the arts. In addition, it also acts as an advocate for women in art, as evidenced by the work it has completed for TOW.

It all started with a tweet. During the course of the year, the group delivered multiple projects supported by TOW. Some of the more notable examples included a series of exhibitions examining how Southend on Sea has shaped a culture of womxn, and a publication titled A Snapshot of Southend as a Cultural Environment for Womxn. These projects are a part of the organization’s mission to build a network of intersectional feminist artists.

The Agency of Visible Women has been around since 2017. Formed by artist Ruth Jones, it traces its origins to the publication ‘Trespass 3’, a series of nine artworks that re-presents Sunil Gupta’s Trespass 3 (1995) series. This piece of art is one of the earliest pieces of feminist art to make the leap from the gallery to the public sphere. However, the most impressive element of the group’s efforts is its ability to expand and adapt its mission and purpose in response to current needs.

As with any ad campaign, the most effective way to promote your business or product is through social media. There are many options to choose from, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Oftentimes, the best method of promotion is through the use of videos. The Visible Women’s Twitter account has a number of videos of members in action that are sure to attract the attention of those interested in getting involved in their community. Moreover, the organization provides the opportunity for internships. Through the program, interns work on high profile events, helping to promote the organization and interacting with influential individuals in the NYC community.

The agency of visible women is an interesting endeavor, one that will likely grow in scope and size as time passes. However, it is important to remember that a woman’s visibility in the public space is not always a guarantee of emancipation. Rather, the most effective approach to ensuring gender equality is to critically examine structural causes of gender inequalities. To do this, the organization provides an internship program and a sisterhood of brilliant women.