Uses of AI in Fundraising

AI is becoming a staple in fundraising, making it possible to automate many of the time-consuming tasks that fundraisers typically do on a daily basis. This frees up valuable human time and energy to devote to more complex tasks, such as developing genuine supporter relationships, building creative campaigns and coming up with new ideas for fundraising.

One of the most common uses of AI in fundraising  is data analytics and predictive modeling. AI tools can help you spot patterns and predict behaviors in your data, which can then be used to inform future outreach strategies. This is a great way to streamline prospect research and improve existing communications with supporters.

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Another use of AI in fundraising is for identifying new prospects and donors with the potential to make major gifts. For example, you can use AI to screen for wealth markers, giving capacity and other indicators of philanthropy to find the best new donors. This can help you prioritize your work and ensure you are spending the most time on high-impact individuals.

Additionally, AI tools can be used to generate and analyze content for use in fundraising. For example, you can use language generation models like ChatGPT or generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) to quickly draft and analyze text for use in qualification emails, thank you letters, proposals, and more.