Woven Storage Baskets

woven storage baskets

Woven storage baskets  are a versatile way to store linens, clothes, blankets and other soft items. They’re available in a variety of styles and sizes, and are perfect for any room or space that needs a little extra storage.

Breathable woven baskets made of wicker are perfect for holding laundry, blankets and other linens. They’re also great for storing towels and other bathroom accessories. They’re easy to clean and allow fabrics to breathe, which can help keep them fresher for longer.

A lidded basket helps hide storage, but an open style lets you see what’s inside, making cleanup a breeze. A lidded basket is also a smart choice for living rooms, where it keeps remote controls, video game controllers and television accessories organized and out of sight.

The Beauty of Woven Storage Baskets: How to Incorporate Them into Your Home Decor

To install a wall-mounted storage basket, first drill a pilot hole in the wall where you want it to go. Then, screw the brackets into a stud (if possible) or use drywall anchors to secure them.

For a more decorative look, choose an open-front basket with slatted sides and a solid or multihued finish to complement your decor. Place multiple baskets next to a modular bookcase or glass coffee table to corral small tchotchkes and decorative objects, and push a large rattan floor basket against a sofa for extra blankets or throw pillows.

When it comes to organizing, a basket is the most versatile option. And with a wide selection of options at west elm, it’s easy to find the right size and style for your home.