Cr7hsa Spark Plug

Cr7hsa Spark Plug

Cr7hsa Spark Plug is the replacement spark plug from NGK, a company that makes ignition components. It has a heat range of 7, meaning it is designed to dissipate heat effectively so that you don’t have issues with pre-ignition or overheating in your engine. This spark plug is suitable for use in many different types of vehicles.

When it comes to getting the best performance from your engine, the three most important things are fuel, air and spark. Using quality NGK spark plugs helps ensure that you are getting the most from each of these. The NGK range of standard spark plugs are designed to suit a variety of different applications and vehicles across Australasia.

This is the same spark plug that is used by racers all over the world to get the best performance out of their engines. They are able to fire the spark more quickly than stock plugs, and this results in greater power output from the engine. NGK’s standard spark plugs are also designed to be able to withstand the kind of mechanical shock that racing can cause.

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NGK’s standard series spark plugs are a proven OE cornerstone that customers have relied on for decades. These plugs feature a nickel alloy core that provides reliable performance. The high grade alumina silicate ceramic creates a stronger insulator for optimal dielectric performance and the triple gasket seal helps prevent combustion leakage. NGK’s spark plugs are designed for standard replacement and work well in most applications with gasoline, propane, natural gas, or other fuels.