Gate Automation Services in Dallas

Gate automation services in Dallas are an excellent way to bolster security, and they can be a fantastic addition to your home or business. The gates can be triggered by either sensors or a remote control device, and they can open or close without you having to leave your vehicle. This provides increased convenience and safety for your family or staff, as well as a great aesthetic for your property.Source :

What is gate maintenance?

Sliding gates are particularly complex systems, and they require a lot of moving parts to work properly. These can include a chain, wires, and wheels, all of which must be in good condition to keep the gate functioning correctly. This is why it’s important to call us when you notice an issue with your sliding gate. We will repair the problem promptly and competently, so you can get your gate back to its best condition.

Residential gates see a lot of wear and tear, and they are often opened or closed multiple times every day. This can cause them to become damaged over time, especially if you have kids or pets around. In these cases, you may need a gate repair service to fix broken hinges or latches, or to re-paint your gate’s surface.

For added security, homeowners can also install a gate intercom system to allow them to speak to guests before letting them in. These range between $1,000 and $7,000. Gates are often a first impression of your home, and you can add a lot to its value with an automated gate.