Intelligent Merchandising for the Digital Age

intelligent merchandising

In a world where shoppers are more disengaged than ever, retailers must deliver a rich experience that can hold their attention long enough to convert them into paying customers. Merchandising is an essential part of this effort, but merchandising for the digital age is a complex task that demands a balance of data-driven science and creative artistry.Go here :

The key to achieving this balance is a new approach that combines intelligent automation with human-in-the-loop analytics and design, allowing merchandisers to make informed decisions that align with their business priorities. This kind of solution takes merchandising to new levels, freeing them from routine and time-consuming tasks and empowering them to reimagine how they can best meet their customers’ shopping needs and drive stronger performance.

E-Commerce Transformation: The Role of AI in Online Merchandising

AI-powered merchandising uses intelligent product recommendations to create a highly curated eCommerce omnichannel experience that drives higher AOV and basket size. By enabling businesses to automatically recommend products that pair well, reduce stockouts and avoid price anchoring – where shoppers are biased by the first number they see – intelligent merchandising improves conversion rates by boosting customer satisfaction, loyalty and repeat purchases.

By leveraging iterative A/B testing with real-time data and automated forecasting, intelligent merchandising delivers powerful central planning tools that enable retailers to streamline the planning process and replace rules-based approaches with powerful merchandising algorithms that align with their business priorities. Through machine learning, AI-based merchandising can support retail businesses in the face of a rapidly evolving digital landscape by automatically optimizing merchandising for local demand.