Solutions For Blind Dog Anxiety

Solutions for Blind Dog Anxiety

Many pet parents find their visually impaired dogs may start bumping into things, and become clumsy when moving around the house. It is also common for them to snap at unexpected shadows or touch. This is due to their fear of being startled.

It is important to keep in mind, that the Solutions for Blind Dog Anxiety is not as crucial for a dog as it is for us, as scent and hearing play much bigger roles in the experience of the world for our furry friends. Therefore, if you can try and maintain an upbeat, positive attitude with your blind dog this can help reduce their anxiety as they cope with the loss of this sense.

Seeing Beyond: Effective Solutions for Anxiety in Blind Dogs

A calming massage is another way to replace some of the stimuli lost from vision loss. A general, gentle massage over the neck and back can both calm a dog down and energize them at the same time. It is also believed that the repetitive, soothing motions of massage can reacquaint a dog with their human, helping to reconnect as they adjust to blindness.

A good tip is to keep the furniture arrangement in the same place as before, especially if it is an established route that the dog uses to get from one room to the next. Rearranging the furniture can confuse your dog and make them feel disorientated. Also, remove obvious hazards such as electric bar heaters as a pet can accidentally run into these and burn themselves.