Used Inogen Portable Oxygen Concentrator

used inogen portable oxygen concentrator

The used inogen portable oxygen concentrator gives users the ability to walk, exercise, and sleep while enjoying the freedom of knowing they have a consistent supply of supplemental oxygen. The device combines an efficient pulse-dose based delivery system with Intelligent Delivery Technology that senses and adjusts to the patient’s breathing pattern. The Inogen One G3 and G5 models are among the lightest and quietest portable oxygen concentrators on the market, producing only 40 decibels which is less than the noise level of a typical indoor conversation.

These devices are small and easy to use, featuring an intuitive user interface with large push buttons that make it simple for patients to operate the machine. The display also includes information such as battery life, column pair status, cannula status and more. Inogen offers an optional Inogen Connect mobile app that can help you monitor your unit more closely.

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All our portable oxygen concentrators include a custom carry bag, AC/DC power cable, and a nasal cannula. The device requires a prescription from your doctor and most health insurance policies will cover the cost of the device and supplies, though some require you to pay a co-pay.

Inogen’s most popular portable concentrator is the G3, which weighs under five pounds and can run for ten hours on a double battery. It can also be charged while in use, making it ideal for travel. It is available in a variety of colors and can be ordered with a clear or opaque LCD screen. It has four pulse flow settings and is FAA approved for airplane use.